Free Medicines



Below are some websites who claim to be able to get you free medicine. I have looked at their websites but do not know anything about their companies. It is up to you to determine whether these programs are right for you. I hope this finds you and yours well...Mark


WHAT'S THE BEST KEPT SECRET of the drug business? You can get your medicine free of charge. Amid the growing furor about rising prescription costs, many patients and doctors aren't aware that the drug companies themselves give away millions of dollars worth of drugs each year. Most people do not know these programs exist. An organization known as The Medicine Program is here to help and cuts the red tape for thousands of eligible Americans. You can request a free brochure/application by calling 1-573-996-7300.


Most drug manufacturers sponsor what's called Patient Assistance Programs. These programs are intended to help those who can't afford their prescription drugs obtain them absolutely FREE! Unfortunately, most people, including qualified doctors, nurses, social workers, and other health professionals, are not aware that these free prescription programs even exist. The ever-changing requirements and the application process to qualify for patient assistance programs are tedious, confusing and very time-consuming. We, at FREE Medicine Program cut through the red tape by actually assisting you in applying for enrollment in patient assistance programs, and with the cooperation of your physician you can obtain prescription medicine free of charge. In 2001 alone, these patient assistance programs have helped an estimated 3.1 million patients fill more than 10 million prescriptions with estimated value $1.5 billion! Click here visit their website.


Medicine Bridge offers Patient Assistance Services Nationwide. The Medicine Bridge was created by a number of volunteers who recognized the need to fill in the gaps related to the Patient Assistance Programs and to help NeedyMed users trying to access free meds. Our streamlined approach cuts through the Patient Assistance Program red tape. In exchange for our ongoing prescription assistance, there is a one time set up fee of $25, and an on-going administrative fee of $6 per prescription per month to ensure your ongoing patient assistance paperwork is done far enough in advance in order for you to receive your prescription refills. Click here to visit their website.


Medication costs are accelerating to all time highs with no end in sight. In an effort to reduce your prescription drug cost, we offer several different options from which to choose. Prescription drugs are the fastest growing part to the nation's health care expense. Few other issues touch more lives than the high cost of medicine. For many of the 37% of Americans without prescription coverage, the problem is critical. Click here to visit Medical Discounts International, Inc.


FREE Prescription Medicine! Skyrocketing prescription costs has impacted thousands of Americans and senior citizens who have to make the impossible choice between buying food or buying prescription medication. In 2002, major pharmaceutical sponsors provided free prescription medicines to more than 5.5 million patients in the united States of America. Americas best kept secret is that people who cant afford their prescription medications can sometimes get them free, direct from pharmaceutical sponsored programs. Click here to visit Free Medicine Foundation


The leadership of most American drug companies believe that no patient in need of their available product samples should be deprived of them. As a means of assisting those patients who can not afford to purchase these products, they offer enrollment in their patient assistance programs. Applicants must be truly needy and must not qualify for government drug assistance or have third party insurance coverage for drugs. Click here to visit Doctor healthy.


Free Medicines Are you suffering financial hardship because of the high cost of medicine? Are you having a hard time paying for your medication? Do you lack medical insurance, or do have it, but it doesn't cover out patient medicine? Have you exhausted all your third party insurance and/or aid from Medicaid and social agencies? Are you taking care of your loved ones and paying for their medication because they can't? If you have answered yes to these questions you will probably qualify to enroll in a privately sponsored program which entitles you to... "FREE MEDICINES" Apply for free prescription drugs now. You can get your medicine free of charge. Many pharmaceutical companies give away free prescription drugs to consumers who can't afford them. This year alone, drug companies will give away almost a billion dollars' worth of prescription drugs to two million Americans. Click here to visit